Peer Navigators

Christine Howlett, Peer Navigator



Liz Williams, Peer Navigator


Peer Navigation – What is it?

Peer Navigators are uniquely qualified through their life experience with recovery, stability within the community, and demonstration of self-sufficiency. Peer Navigators provide expertise and consultation to the organization’s entire team to promote a culture in which each client’s point of view and preferences are recognized, understood, respected and integrated.

As fully integrated team members with Panhandle Health Group, Peer Navigators assist a client to direct their own recovery and advocacy process; to utilize client self-determination and decision-making; to teach and support the acquisition and exercise of recovery skills needed for management of symptoms and for navigating systems; to create self-determined recovery and maintenance plans; and to utilize natural resources within the community.


C.A.L.M. Workshops

The C.A.L.M. (Consumers Always Learning More) workshops are an 8- week series that looks at how to implement and consider the 8 Dimensions of Wellness in our daily lives. The series runs multiple times per year.




The WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) workshops are an 8-week series that utilizes the WRAP wellness process to address a variety of physical, mental health and life issues.