FAQ and Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?


To make an appointment you can contact the office location where you prefer to be seen by phone or by visiting our “Contact Us” page.  Admissions forms for behavioral health (mental health, substance use, or medication management) and family practice healthcare are listed below under Forms.

How much do services cost?


Panhandle Health Group accepts all major insurances including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Coventry, Medicare and Medicaid among many others. PHG does receive some government funds which allows us to offer reduced fees to qualifying Nebraska residents, however we do not offer services for free. The fees for services will be set at the orientation appointment and updated every year (or as needed) using proof of income, family size and our uniform fee schedule. A copy of your most recent tax return form or your W-2 can serve as proof of income.

Does PHG only have mental health therapists?


No, we have therapists, psychologists, substance abuse counselors, APRNs and a medication management team. PHG also has staffed trained to provide Community Support, Peer Specialists and medical staff in our family practice healthcare clinic.


Forms (downloadable PDF)

Agency Welcome Packet July 2017

Adult – Behavioral Health Admissions

Youth – Behavioral Health Admissions

Primary Care – Admissions

Community Support Referral Form 2017